Green Cube Tents - Cardiff - Newport

Based in the UK, we are team of passionate people who have developed an exceptionally good value, high quality grow tent range based around our expertise within the hydroponics industry.  We are driven by innovation and design and are dedicated to bring new grow tents and concepts to growers globally to make growing easier, quicker and more simple.


Green-Qube has grown from an urgent demand in the market for high-quality, low-cost grow tents. With over 10 years experience in the global manufacturing and sourcing fields, Green-Qube was born from being able to exploit these trusted, long-term and developed relationships.


Green-Qube has worked closely with industry-experts and the growers themselves to develop a product that responds to the needs of the end-user. By addressing current market desires, Green-Qube has managed to design and produce grow-tents that are customer needs-lead, with high quality components and at a low affordable cost.


We now have three grow tent ranges: the Green-Qube which is our flagship range of high quality standard shaped tents;  the Roof-Qube which is our angular roofed and lower height grow tents ideal for attics and basements and our latest addition the Green-Qube Sky which is the tallest fixed frame tent on the market measuring 2.3m tall. We are the world’s first supplier of grow tents specifically designed for roof spaces.  The Roof-Qube has taken the grow tent market by storm and has consecutively sold out with growing demand.  It’s innovative design is making it a massive seller across the UK.


We also now sell a comprehensive Thermal Blanket range of over 9 different sized blanket sets.  Designed to keep your tent warm in the winter and cooler in the summer, this low cost product add-ons are a great way to make grow tents more efficient.


2013 marks another major milestone for us with the brand new 2013 product range – we pride ourselves on being perfectionists and so we are proud to launch our 2013 grow tent range. We have introduced more new innovative features and upgraded many of the existing areas of the tents making it more strong, more light-proof and even more flexible for the grower. During 2012 we listened to feedback and went on the road to talk to shops and growers across the UK; with the information we collated our Design Team set to work to engineer an even better grow tent. With our 2013 product range we passionately believe we have the best grow tents out there for the money. Fact!


We are now strongly established within the UK and have our Green-Qube grow tents in over 150 shops.


Rather than us telling you how great we are, why not hear what others say have to say:

I absolutely love the Green-Qube grow tent. The poles are so strong and the zips really do last. I have had no problems at all and recommend them to everyone.

Simon Banks, Manchester


The Roof-Qube is a really good idea and looks very well made. I’ve got a Green-Qube and it’s a solid bit of kit.  It’s built solidly and holds very sturdily with no light leaking and creates a good negative pressure with the fan. They are popular and sell well from my local hydro store. Very well made.



“Green-Qube grow tents are definitely the best on the market.  They are strong, reliable and our customers love them. They are the only tents that we sell now as we know we can rely on their quality and there almost no issues or faults with them.”

Craig, Buyer at South Wales Hydro


The Roof-Qube looks very smart.



I am pretty impressed … it has loads of in and outlets, does fit nice and snug under roof … The material does feel very thick and is so easy to put up without instructions. I’m an excited guy!



I was looking at all the Green-Qubes yesterday and the new versions look absolutely fantastic… Compared to the Secret Jardins and Budboxes and other generic tents these were a step above, and a lot of improvements over my older model. Definitely the best quality and though out tents I have seen.



The new Roof-Qubes: the poles are now much stronger (not that they needed to be!). If you phone Green-Qube and ask for a guy called Dan he will phone their outlets up for you to establish stock. First class customer service.