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Metrop Hydroponics, concentrated liquid fertilizers.

Don't buy water, buy concentrated fertilizers !



If you growth on soil, growth on coco or growth on hydroponic systems, for hobby or for professional crops, you always try to get the highest possible quality with the maximum yield.


In research we see more often that the maximum yield can be only possible with the perfect climate and as natural as possible fertilisation. Even in backs of soil and agriculture soil is discovered that there are lacks of certain elements because of intensive cultivation.

These element can be found with deep plough or from the sea.


Metrop Hydroponics concentrated liquid fertilizers make these special elements liquid soluble in fertilizers that result in a much more maximum yield and gives the end product even growth in hydro culture a much better taste.


A modern fertilizer is very well balanced and always biological degradable and soluble.


Metrop Hydroponics fertilizers are emulsie or suspension fertilizers that care for a maximum yield.

Metrop Hydroponics fertilizers are biologically degradable.



Biological Salland.


A good environment is in the interest of our all.

Metrop Hydroponics fertilizers support thus the projects of Biological Salland, Hydroponic for Africa and several initiative for professional cannabis cultivation in Switzerland.


Biological Salland is a coöperation of approximately 50 farmers and Bio Salland makes energy out of manure.

Hydroponics for Africa set-up hydroponics cultivation systems in dry areas of Africa where the water must be pumped up deep.


In Switzerland several projects are implemented to manufacture several products such as hemp oil, hemp hardwood, hemp clothing, hemp plastics, hemp construction material and even hemp fuel from cannabis.
The cannabis plants is a very multi-purpose plant that rapidly grows and applications of cannabis (weed) can ensure that the large-scale cap in the Amazon and the oil production for fuels and plastics can be stopped.


Metrop Hydroponics fertilizers stand entirely behind the use of marihuana for professional aim ends.


Metrop Hydroponics fertilizers are biological.



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